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Demystifying Activation Keys

In my daily work as a solutions architect for Red Hat, I regularly talk about Satellite 6 and explain to people how activation keys work, and how to best assign subscriptions to newly created virtual or physical machines.

Setting up activation keys is not rocket science, but I have learned that there are some misunderstandings around it, and I though it would make sense to create a short video about it.

(Now, when I say “short”, I mean that I have tried to keep it short, not that I have actually succeeded in doing that. The video in this case is about 10 minutes in length, which still counts as short-ish, I hope.)

If you are interested in this topic, take a look at the video below

The video itself is based of an article written by Rich Jerrido, which you can find here. It has some more in-depth information, where the video mostly shows examples.