Demystifying Activation Keys

Posted on ma 10 juli 2017 in satellite • Tagged with satellite6, youtube, virt-who, vdc, subscriptions, activation-keys

In my daily work as a solutions architect for Red Hat, I regularly talk about Satellite 6 and explain to people how activation keys work, and how to best assign subscriptions to newly created virtual or physical machines.

Setting up activation keys is not rocket science, but I have learned …

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Using virt-who with virtual datacenter subscriptions

Posted on do 08 juni 2017 in satellite • Tagged with virt-who, vdc, red-hat, youtube, satellite6

At Red Hat, one of the subscription types we offer is the "virtual datacenter subscription", or VDC. A VDC offers our customers a way to run an unlimited amount of RHEL VMs on a supported hypervisor1. A requirement to run an unlimited amount of VMs on a hypervisor, is …

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