Developing Ansible Automation content on Apple Silicon

Posted on do 04 april 2024 in ansible • Tagged with ansible, linux, macos

I love Linux. Always have, always will. I run Linux (mostly RHEL and Fedora) on a multitude of devices, from Raspberry Pi's to an old laptop functioning as a server, and VMs on my NAS.

But I have also ended up (long story) doing a lot of work on MacOS …

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Sharing a set of Headphones between MacOS and Fedora

Posted on do 04 mei 2023 in misc • Tagged with bluetooth, linux, macos, hack

Why share a set of headphones between MacOS and Fedora (or another Linux)?

Well, the answer to the 'why?' question is quite simple: because I dual boot between MacOS and Fedora on my Mac Mini. This means in order to use the same pair of headphones on MacOS and Fedora …

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