Using the ovirt_vms module with cloud_init

Posted on di 10 april 2018 in ansible • Tagged with ansible, rhv, ovirt, cloud-init

A quick blog today. I've been wrestling with the ovirt_vms module in Ansible 2.5. I wanted to deploy a RHEL VM from a template on a RHV 4.1 cluster and use cloud-init to customize the VM.

The ovirt_vms module offers a cloud_init option that takes a custom_script parameter …

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Fencing RHV or oVirt nested hypervisors

Posted on wo 14 februari 2018 in misc • Tagged with rhv, ovirt, fencing, virtualbmc, libvirt

My setup

I have this nice AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper, with 64GiB or RAM. What I want to do is run RHV 4.1 in virtual machines, and be able to play around with nested virtualization, HA and fencing.

Problem is, that my virtual machines will live on libvirt, and VMs …

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