Command Line Heroes

Posted on di 16 januari 2018 in misc • Tagged with podcast, open source, red-hat, women in tech

I've been looking forward to this for quite a while, ever since it was announced: today, the first two episodes of Command Line Heroes were published. Command Line Heroes, or CLH for short, is a series of podcasts that tells the stories of open source. It's hosted by Saron Yitbarek …

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Red Hat Tech Day Demo Recordings (June 2017)

Posted on wo 14 juni 2017 in event • Tagged with red hat, cdk, openshift, containers, development, java, .net, python

So last Tuesday, I presented about Red Hat's container development kit during the Red Hat Tech Day in Utrecht (NL).

Though most of the demos succeeded eventually, they all took way longer than expected due to some network issues. I'll be frank: that sucked.

I tried to make good on …

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Using virt-who with virtual datacenter subscriptions

Posted on do 08 juni 2017 in satellite • Tagged with virt-who, vdc, red-hat, youtube, satellite6

At Red Hat, one of the subscription types we offer is the "virtual datacenter subscription", or VDC. A VDC offers our customers a way to run an unlimited amount of RHEL VMs on a supported hypervisor1. A requirement to run an unlimited amount of VMs on a hypervisor, is …

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