Batch downloading GitHub binaries

Posted on do 31 december 2020 in dev • Tagged with python, github, fedora

Packages or binaries?

As much as possible, on my Fedora systems (which runs on my desktop, laptop and a handful of Raspberry Pis), I use what dnf provides me with. The same goes for machines I run other operating systems on, like my pihole server (which runs Raspberry Pi OS …

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Using Minikube On Fedora With The Registry Addon

Posted on wo 05 februari 2020 in dev • Tagged with blog, k8s, fedora

Table of Contents

  1. Setting up minikube on Fedora 31
    1. Setting up a minikube VM
      1. Downloading the required binaries
      2. Configuring minikube
    2. Starting the minikube VM
      1. Enabling the registry addon
  2. Pushing images into the registry and running them!
    1. Starting the container

Update (March 6, 2020)

I have updated the below description for …

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The confusing Bash configuration files

Posted on wo 11 juli 2018 in dev • Tagged with bash, linux, configuration, notetofutureself

This blog is mostly a reminder for my future self, because I always end up forgetting this.

Bash has a bunch of configuration files it parsers through when you fire it up.

Bash reads them in this order (on Fedora, and I suppose RHEL and derivatives too) if invoked as …

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Building ipa-server for aarch64 on a Raspberry Pi 3 and CentOS7

Posted on ma 10 juli 2017 in dev • Tagged with centos, freeipa, idm, mock, rpm


I want to run IPA server (FreeIPA, IdM) on my Raspberry Pi 3. This allows me to connect Satellite servers, Ansible Tower servers and whatnot to an instance of IdM that I don't have to setup everytime, is always running and is actually used.

Is there a problem?

A …

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