Fish, bash, zsh

Posted on do 08 juli 2021 in misc • Tagged with fedora, rhel, shell, fish, bash, zsh, configuration

Fish, bash, zsh

Over the last year, I've been using fish as my shell on Linux. Before that, I have tried both zsh (with and without oh-my-zsh) and bash. For bash, I wrote my own configuration framework, which - let's be real - everyone needs to do and probably has done at …

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Using proper FreeIPA certificates on Cockpit

Posted on do 10 juni 2021 in misc • Tagged with fedora, selinux, rhel, cockpit, freeipa, idm

Cockpit and FreeIPA

A couple of years ago, I did a video on Youtube on using FreeIPA / IdM certificates in Cockpit. According to some comments (that I only saw way after the fact...), for some people, my way of doing that didn't work.

Therefore, I redid the video for RHEL7 …

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Wrong colors with Solarized theme in shell

Posted on ma 15 februari 2021 in misc • Tagged with shell, colors, solarized, fedora

Solarized colors

I like Solarized, but every now and then, I switch to a different theme just to check it out. Eventually, I'll go back to Solarized, and run into the same problem over and over:

I'll end up having this

Terminal with wrong colors

Instead of this:

Terminal with right colors

Meaning a lot of the colors …

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Ventoy, multiboot DVD creator

Posted on do 04 februari 2021 in misc • Tagged with boot, install, multiboot, dvd, fedora

Installer USB drives

Quick blog.

The other day, I was looking for a tool to create a USB drive with multiple installer ISOs on it. Mainly, I needed a Fedora installer DVD (for my laptop, to make the switch to btrfs), and a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3 DVD …

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Shut up, auditd!

Posted on ma 11 januari 2021 in misc • Tagged with audit, journald, fedora

Audit logging

(Happy 2021, may it be better than 2020!)

On my tiny, Raspberry Pi based Fedora systems, I have a lot of audit messages in my journal. And I mean a lot, I mean like over 50,000 over the course of 9 days. That's over 5,500 per …

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Batch downloading GitHub binaries

Posted on do 31 december 2020 in dev • Tagged with python, github, fedora

Packages or binaries?

As much as possible, on my Fedora systems (which runs on my desktop, laptop and a handful of Raspberry Pis), I use what dnf provides me with. The same goes for machines I run other operating systems on, like my pihole server (which runs Raspberry Pi OS …

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Joplin and webdav

Posted on zo 25 oktober 2020 in misc • Tagged with blog, joplin, webdav, sync, notes, fedora

Joplin and webdav

What's Joplin?

Joplin is a cross-platform note taking app that I use a lot to keep track of my projects, and to organize my notes and thoughts. Joplin allows you to create note books, and add an infinite number of notes to them. You can link between …

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Using Minikube On Fedora With The Registry Addon

Posted on wo 05 februari 2020 in dev • Tagged with blog, k8s, fedora

Table of Contents

  1. Setting up minikube on Fedora 31
    1. Setting up a minikube VM
      1. Downloading the required binaries
      2. Configuring minikube
    2. Starting the minikube VM
      1. Enabling the registry addon
  2. Pushing images into the registry and running them!
    1. Starting the container

Update (March 6, 2020)

I have updated the below description for …

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Creating screencasts on Linux

Posted on wo 21 juni 2017 in meta • Tagged with screencasts, fedora, meta

== Intro

As this is a new blog on Fedora Planet, let me start off by introducing myself briefly. My name is Maxim Burgerhout, and I have been a Fedora contributor for quite some time. Truth be told though, I haven't been able to spend much time maintaining my packages over …

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