Using proper FreeIPA certificates on Cockpit

Posted on do 10 juni 2021 in misc • Tagged with fedora, selinux, rhel, cockpit, freeipa, idm

Cockpit and FreeIPA

A couple of years ago, I did a video on Youtube on using FreeIPA / IdM certificates in Cockpit. According to some comments (that I only saw way after the fact...), for some people, my way of doing that didn't work.

Therefore, I redid the video for RHEL7 …

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Running cockpit on a Satellite Capsule / Foreman Proxy

Posted on wo 27 juni 2018 in satellite • Tagged with satellite, capsule, cockpit, ssl, certificates, freeipa, idm, foreman

When I bought my new workstation - those Ryzen beasts are FAST! - I decided I would build my new lab properly, and with properly, I meant with proper SSL certificates for all apps.

So I set up Red Hat IdM on a simple VM, and then imported the CA into my …

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Building ipa-server for aarch64 on a Raspberry Pi 3 and CentOS7

Posted on ma 10 juli 2017 in dev • Tagged with centos, freeipa, idm, mock, rpm


I want to run IPA server (FreeIPA, IdM) on my Raspberry Pi 3. This allows me to connect Satellite servers, Ansible Tower servers and whatnot to an instance of IdM that I don't have to setup everytime, is always running and is actually used.

Is there a problem?

A …

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