Joplin and webdav

Posted on zo 25 oktober 2020 in misc • Tagged with blog, joplin, webdav, sync, notes, fedora

Joplin and webdav

What's Joplin?

Joplin is a cross-platform note taking app that I use a lot to keep track of my projects, and to organize my notes and thoughts. Joplin allows you to create note books, and add an infinite number of notes to them. You can link between …

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Using Minikube On Fedora With The Registry Addon

Posted on wo 05 februari 2020 in dev • Tagged with blog, k8s, fedora

Table of Contents

  1. Setting up minikube on Fedora 31
    1. Setting up a minikube VM
      1. Downloading the required binaries
      2. Configuring minikube
    2. Starting the minikube VM
      1. Enabling the registry addon
  2. Pushing images into the registry and running them!
    1. Starting the container

Update (March 6, 2020)

I have updated the below description for …

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Tempus Fugit, or moving from hubpress to Jekyll

Posted on ma 20 januari 2020 in meta • Tagged with blog, meta

The other day, I was looking at writing a new blog post about something I was trying out with Quarkus1 and Kubernetes.

When I opened my blog, I realised I hadn't updated the underlying hubpress code in quite a while. A long while. So long, in fact, that I …

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The confusing Bash configuration files

Posted on wo 11 juli 2018 in dev • Tagged with bash, linux, configuration, notetofutureself

This blog is mostly a reminder for my future self, because I always end up forgetting this.

Bash has a bunch of configuration files it parsers through when you fire it up.

Bash reads them in this order (on Fedora, and I suppose RHEL and derivatives too) if invoked as …

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Running cockpit on a Satellite Capsule / Foreman Proxy

Posted on wo 27 juni 2018 in satellite • Tagged with satellite, capsule, cockpit, ssl, certificates, freeipa, idm, foreman

When I bought my new workstation - those Ryzen beasts are FAST! - I decided I would build my new lab properly, and with properly, I meant with proper SSL certificates for all apps.

So I set up Red Hat IdM on a simple VM, and then imported the CA into my …

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Using the ovirt_vms module with cloud_init

Posted on di 10 april 2018 in ansible • Tagged with ansible, rhv, ovirt, cloud-init

A quick blog today. I've been wrestling with the ovirt_vms module in Ansible 2.5. I wanted to deploy a RHEL VM from a template on a RHV 4.1 cluster and use cloud-init to customize the VM.

The ovirt_vms module offers a cloud_init option that takes a custom_script parameter …

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Fencing RHV or oVirt nested hypervisors

Posted on wo 14 februari 2018 in misc • Tagged with rhv, ovirt, fencing, virtualbmc, libvirt

My setup

I have this nice AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper, with 64GiB or RAM. What I want to do is run RHV 4.1 in virtual machines, and be able to play around with nested virtualization, HA and fencing.

Problem is, that my virtual machines will live on libvirt, and VMs …

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Screencasts on Linux, part 2

Posted on wo 07 februari 2018 in meta • Tagged with video editing, open source

A while back, I wrote a post comparing some screencasting and video editing software on Linux.

I that post, I mentioned a couple of video editing programs that are available, and basically noted that - as far as video editing is concerned - things were painful on Linux, at least for me …

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Having fun contributing to open source

Posted on zo 28 januari 2018 in satellite • Tagged with open source, satellite6, life at redhat, katello-client-bootstrap, youtube

(This blog was first published on LinkedIn.)

Here's something I'm a little bit proud of: I have written an actual feature for Satellite 6, and that feature was merged today!

As you might know, Satellite 6's upstream is in a combination of multiple products, most notably Katello and Foreman. There …

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"User-friendly" Windows

Posted on zo 28 januari 2018 in misc • Tagged with windows, printing, driverhell

== This is a rant

If you are not into rants, go away now.

So for some app my kids want to use, I needed to setup Windows. And a printer. I have a Samsung M2070W, and I have had it for years. It has not always been easy to use …

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